NATIVE SISTERS (working) Determined to crush stereotypes and inspired by their Indigenous sisters around the world, Native Sisters follows real-life Navajo siblings on their quest to discover the most innovative, badass Indigenous women on our planet.


Native Sisters is about two incredible sisters (who are polar opposites) who go on a journey around the world to meet other Indigenous women and reveal how their cultures are attempting to survive and thrive in a world that threatens their existence. This is no sob-story though.

Sisters Kansas and Nicolle are an odd couple for sure. Kansas is a former Miss Indian World, a bonafide celebrity on the Rez – she lives her life for beauty, Snapchat and Sephora. Older sister Nicolle is a well-known women’s rights activist and works tirelessly as a midwife, catching babies the traditional Navajo way. But they are both bonded by the love for their life as modern Native women on the Rez. This duo can skin a sheep and shop at Whole Foods in one afternoon. They are indigenous women in a digital world.

Together Kansas and Nicolle embark on a journey to find out for themselves what life is like for their fellow Native Sisters around the globe, and see what they can learn from the most innovative women on our planet.

They guide us through poignant experiences in remote areas and participate in ceremonies rarely seen by outsiders. They attend an Indigenous beauty pageant, learn the health secrets of the eldest Indigenous women on the planet, the beauty secrets of different tribes, and help deliver a baby in the Arctic Circle! The sisters discover what indigenous people are fighting for now and how they can take home the knowledge of how to preserve their own culture back home in the States. Life off the Rez just got real.


Each episode follows the sisters from their home in Sante Fe, New Mexico into some of the most unique Indigenous communities in the world.


When was the last time you saw a Native person on screen laughing, singing karaoke, going out with the girls…just being real? On-screen, Native people are commonly portrayed as sad, depressed, dying alcoholics with diabetes, as problems to solve…or they are portrayed as the polar opposite…as a singular culture to be exploited and appropriated for their “exoticism”.

We want to shift this narrative as much as we can. It’s time to break out of the stereotypes, Native people don’t all live in tipis or wear loin cloths and we’re not all the same.

There are over 5,000 unique indigenous cultures world wide.

As storytellers, we are compelled to make stories about the joy of life and we tell the stories of ordinary people who we can all relate to. We aim to capture a story with heart, as told by the incredible unique people who live it.

Our characters are REAL.
They are FUNNY.
They are FULL OF LIFE.